Regardless if you’re buying your first home, right sizing your home or building one – with flexible loan products, local decision making and calm, expert advice, you’ve got a winning formula with Spruce Credit Union!

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Ready to plant your first garden or looking for a larger house for your expanding family? We’ve got a really flexible mortgage that you should really consider.

CreditMaster® is a different kind of mortgage. Flexible and re-advanceable, it builds your borrowing power as you pay down your mortgage, and when your property value increases. In other words, the money you put into your mortgage today is money you can still use tomorrow. This makes CreditMaster® a powerful financial planning tool, as well as the only loan you'll ever need.


  • Choose variable, fixed or both – securing different loan agreements and terms under a single CreditMaster®.
  • Grow your borrowing power as you pay down your mortgage.
  • Attach new term loans or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) without ever having to pay additional legal fees.
  • Borrow using the low mortgage rates you've already secured, or negotiate separate rates and terms entirely.
  • Use the growing equity in your CreditMaster® to fund additional borrowing needs throughout your life, while saving money.


From securing the land to framing the walls, Spruce Credit Union home construction financing can help bring your vision to life.

With a one-step construction mortgage from Spruce Credit Union, you can lock your rate before you build. When move-in day comes, your loan will automatically convert to a conventional mortgage with the same great rate you had from the start — with no additional fees or paperwork!

  • Pay as little as 10 percent down. If you already own your land, you can use the value of the land as equity to cover your down payment.
  • Choose from fixed and adjustable rate options.
  • Make interest-only loan payments during construction.
  • Available for primary residence, vacation properties, buying a manufactured home, or building from scratch.


Does anyone really want to pay a mortgage for 30 years? Or to be cash-poor each month because of the cost of your mortgage?

There are many reasons homeowners choose to pay off their existing mortgage by refinancing their mortgage at Spruce Credit Union:

  • Save money with a lower rate and flexible payment schedules.
  • Pay off your mortgage faster to get out of debt.
  • Access cash for college, major projects, or an emergency.
  • Consolidate debt at a lower rate with a credit union you trust.

All Spruce Credit Union mortgages offer:

  • Competitive rates and fees.
  • Fast approvals and pre-approvals.
  • Local decision-makers.
  • Up to 80% financing on uninsured term mortgages.
  • 20% annual prepayment without penalty.
  • Blend and extend without penalty.
  • Port your mortgage to another qualifying property within BC without penalty.
  • Secure, 24-hour statements, with free online banking.

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